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I am taking a course with Howard Rheingold called Introduction to Mind Amplifiers. One of our missions is to blog within the Social Media Classroom about our learning. This is pushing me to discover some important things about myself as a learner, thinker and writer. I am also learning about you, the public. And **you** the public begins with me. I am my first public. This blog is first and foremost a place where I spit out my words onto the screen and watch my ideas congeal into something I can actually hold and take with me into the future.

Part 1: Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Reflective Learner

As a thinker, I am learning to think on more than one level. Here is a Prezi by Peter Pappas titled “The Reflective School.” He says right up front that when we don’t have time to think about our thinking, we are just retelling the days events. He suggests using Bloom’s taxonomy for jacking up our reflection. Thank gawd it was not Gardner’s multiple intelligences, because that makes me throw up. There, I said it, I don’t like Gardner’s model of multiple intelligences.

Back to Bloom: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create. I need this tattooed on my arm because I can never remember this model. <insert ironic laugher here>.

The full blog post “A Taxonomy of Reflection“included this picture:

Peter Pappas Taxonomy


For my own reflection here on my blog, I can think of these processes:

Remember: Blog as recount of events

Understand: Blog as recount with links to other blogs and articles

Analyzing: Blog as connecting several events or posts to understand larger pattern in my thinking and work.

Evaluating: Blog as a place to admit to success and failures with qualitative and quantitative data.

Creating: Blog as venue for media texts that tell stories about all the above. Blog as planning platform for next steps.

Part 2: Blogging with Rheingold U

Howard Rheingold suggested watching this video to stretch my thinking about blogging. Andrew Sullivan’s video is more than worth watching. Bad for my blogging ego, good for my mind.

I admit that this is not a blog, it’s a website. Fine. But it’s where I am growing and that’s what really counts. If you are growing with me from reading my work and chasing hyperlinks I set down before you, that’s great too.


**This page has been updated in order to share the video. Sorry the link was broken earlier.**