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Several years ago, while doing my Master’s of Education degree at Western, my supervisor George Gadanidis told me a story.  I had just found out that I was not short listed for a job I wanted, and he shared this story to make me feel better. It has stuck with me.

He told me about “a friend” of his, as these stories often go, that was interviewing for a job.  The company had completed the process of reading job applications and there were two lists: the people to be called and offered an interview and those that were to be called and NOT offered an interview.  These notes were passed along to an administrative assistant.  The lists got switched!  Somehow, those people that were supposed to get the sorry-we-are-not-interviewing-you got the call saying they were to be interviewed.  The company had no choice but to select from the candidates on the ‘reject’ list.  So, in my dismay over not getting a job interview, George shrugged and said “maybe they called the wrong list.”

Well, if you allow yourself to think that in bad times, I must also consider this to be the case in good times.

I have just received my email saying that Apple has selected me for the Apple Distinguished Educator Program.  I am thrilled!  But, a little cloud of humility hangs over me, and I am glad it does.  I hear George saying “they called the wrong list.”  I am reminded that luck often has a lot to do with these things.

Congratulations to my fellow colleagues who applied for the ADE class of 2013.  Right list, wrong list, selected or not: we are all on this journey together.

Photo Credit: stargardener via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: stargardener via Compfight cc