Make a Sparkling Pacman Bracelet using LilyTiny

January 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

I have just finished my second creation from Sew Electric. To get full instructions on your own sparkling bracelet with Lilypad parts, go here.  I am also quite proud to say that I made music myself using GarageBand on my iPad.

Getting the LilyPad parts:

Gathering Materials

I got the LilyTiny, 2032 Battery holder, conductive thread and Lily LEDs from Canada Robotix.  If you are in the US, Sparkfun is a good option too.



I measured my wrist and used some scrap cardboard to make my bracelet template.  I then drew out the circuit diagram with black for negative leads and red for positive. I am glad I did because when I drew my circuit diagram I realized that my battery holder and lilypad had to be arranged in a certain way so the plus sides were together and the negative sides were together. I rotated the battery holder 180 degrees. You can see the correct drawing in black pen in the photo.  You will also notice in the video that I spent a lot of time going back and forth between my project and the book to check that all was ready to go.

Make. Smile.

Cutting felt Happy maker

At first it didn’t work, but I fixed it and learned something new:

the planMy plan was to create the project with three purple LEDs in a parallel circuit.  After everything was sewn together, I hit the on switch and nothing happened.  After re-reading, I learned that purple LEDs have a higher voltage drop than other LEDs.  This means that the purple lights need more juice to light up.  I tested them out with a 9V battery and they lit up beautifully.  Now, that might be too much voltage, I have to check on that. Those beautiful purple lights will have to be part of a project that can hold a larger power source. I wonder if there is enough battery on the LilyPad to run the purple lights?

Pacman BraceletI ripped out the purple LEDs and switched in some red ones instead.  Red LEDs have the least amount of voltage drop so they are less likely to be affected by the fact that my project has LEDs in a parallel circuit. I admit to getting a little fed up with making so I only replaced two of the tree LEDs.

Hiding under the yellow Pacman is the Lilytiny which comes pre-programmed.  LilyTiny makes the red lights blink on and off.

Next project will be the monster with the full LilyPad.




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