Tips for iPad Deployment from Patrick Fogarty

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Me: Say hi to Patrick Fogarty!

You: Hi Patrick!


I have been bugging my friends and asking around about iPad deployment to level up my skills in this area.  Patrick was kind enough to hang out with me today and share these key ideas for iPad deployment. He has literally written the book on Going One-To-One with iPad, so he is a good guy to ask questions to.

Hot tips for iPad deployment:

Tip 1 and 2 are super helpful to me, but tip 3,4 and 5 will likely be useful to other people. Here you go:

1) Set up many smaller profiles on Apple Configurator instead of one big profile.

Patrick and his team create 6-7 profiles to push out to devices.  By breaking up the entire profile into modular bits, his team is able to update and fix at a more granular level.  If you have one profile for the Internet password and then the Internet password needs changing, you only have to push out one new small profile instead of the entire profile.

2) Use Casper.

3) If you can, use Lion Server to help with wireless updating and deployment and avoid having to plug devices in to an expensive cart.

4) If you have a problem with a device, take it to your local Apple Store.

Patrick and his team have had great success and support by taking devices to the store for fixing and replacement.  He says they have a 2% failure rate with the devices and the Apple store has been there to help problem solve in most cases.

5) iOS7 is coming soon and will make education and enterprise set up/configuration much easier.

About Patrick:

Patrick is an Apple Distinguished Educator and teaches at Xaverian High School. He speaks all over and his next stop will be at TNTc 2013 in El Paso, Texas on November 2 2013. He is also an Edmodo ninja and an all around super nice guy.  Follow him on Twitter @fogarty22 and ask him why 22 and not 42.


Me: Say “thank you, Patrick”

You: Thank you Patrick!

Me: Thanks buddy!




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