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Day 1 ISTE

June 23, 2013 — Leave a comment

I dropped out of my session because I couldn’t resist doing some education hacking with ISTE Unplugged.  Really, look at the schedule and all the mind tickling topics for conversation.

Key Learnings from #Hacked13

Deeper Thinking with Ed Tech (Moderated by Scott McLeod)

1) Sharing does not always lead to deeper thinking. We must carefully scaffold and build and nurture the social discourse that surrounds artifacts shared.

2) If you can Google it, it’s not going to lead to deeper thinking.

3) People liked my reference to Gardner Campbell’s “Ecologies of Yearning” which I took from his talk here.

4) The usual suspects appeared: inquiry, problem solving, problem posing, collaboration.

5) I suggested that deep thinking arises from projects that are iterative.


Personalized Learning

This one left me with questions:

1) To what extend does personal learning break-down the interdependency and potential for collaboration in a classroom? I am all for each student having personal goals, but we must also strive for students who want not only succeed and grow, but want to help a peer to that also.

2) What is the difference between differentiation and personalization?

3) How does a classroom teacher manage 20-30 Individual Education Plans? If we are to personalize for each child, how do teachers like me manage that workflow? How do students organize themselves?


Microsoft is giving away 10,000 Surface tablets. So, I was one of the first to get in line and pick mine up. I somehow thought this was impossible so I wanted to be one of the first to see for myself. Yes, they were giving them away. It’s typical Microsoft design: safe and functional and totally void of connecting to my imagination and sense of awe and wonder about the world. Sorry Surface, that is my first impression. But I’ll give you some more time, particularly since my board will only go in your direction.

Surface Give Away ISTE13