Genius Hour

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Genius hour is an hour for students to be innovative and to work on their own unique projects.  I set the following expectations for the hour:

Genius Hour Exp

Genius Hour Expectations

  • make something
  • 45 minutes to make, 15 minutes to share and perfect
  • cooperate

I went on to explain what “cooperate” means to us:

Cooperate (does not mean that you have to work with a partner, but…)

  • help others if they ask for help
  • join (if someone needs you to be in their project, go for it)
  • be nice
  • be easy going
  • don’t be sneaky
  • don’t act too clever (no boasting/bragging like a  certain hare in a certain fable).

During this hour, I was conferring with students about their Duct Tape Procedural texts, iBook Capacity Centre Recounts and Minecraft Area and Perimeter projects that we are nearly complete.  So, that was the other stipulation: I was allowed to pull any kid, at any moment, for a conference.

The result for the kids:

  • “Thanks for looking at my GeniusHour work” said between students with total sincerity during sharing time.
  • Meaningful activities rich in creation, oral language, collaboration 
  • Practising being good citizens by participating in other people’s projects
  • Self expression and opportunities to go beyond prescribed school tasks

The result for me:

  • A space for conferring about iPad projects 
  • Giving my students time to explore apps and dig deeper

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I got some serious grade 3 and 4 love from two of my kids:

Best Teacher


Thank you to  Lynda Hall @MsLHall and Todd Conaway @Todd_Conaway for telling me about and suggesting Genius Hour.

Thanks to  ETMOOC for creating a learning space where @MsLHall , @Todd_Conaway and I could connect.



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